Launch of state-of-art AI based Startup: Constems-AI

August 25, 2017: Times of India

Lucknow: Next time there is an unauthorsied entry or theft in your store, you need not panic. An initiative by two students of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML) will help identify critical incidents allowing the owner and authorities to take real-time action by informing them through mobile application or internet. This happens when self-adaptive and evolving software -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) - gets integrated with CCTV surveillance cameras and sensors. The end product is smart AI based' CCTV cameras which automatically tracks critical incidents.

L-Incubator, IIM-Lucknow incubated Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IoT Start-up, Constems-AI (C-AI) Systems, officially launched its state-of-art AI based products on 19th Aug, 2017 in joint dealers and system integrators meet at New Delhi, in collaboration with Bluei India. The launch event witnessed the gathering of more than 70 eminent system integrators and project solution providers in and around North India.

According to Amit Singh and Amit Srivastava, owners of Constems-AI (C-AI), a computer vision based AI and internet of things (IoT) start-up, smart CCTV camera and sensors in-built with such AI system can automatically capture sensitive activities of human and objects/vehicles. This includes vehicular information or movements, capture number plate details, and human face signatures with gender and age, and report to authorities for necessary action. "C-AI has revolutionary application in surveillance, security, retail and transportation areas,'' said Singh, chief executive officer, C-AI, and a reserach scholar at IIML. Srivastava, chief technology officer at C-AI, finished his executive MBA from IIML in 2016.

Launched recently at joint dealers and system integrators meet at New Delhi, the start-up was incubated at IIML's entrepreneuial cell IIML-Incubator. In simple terms, Singh said, C-AI is a full stack vertical AI solutions company which have its clients from retail and big brands who are interested in understanding their shopper's behavior in retail. "This would help retailers and brands sell their products more effectively,'' he said, adding the idea is to integrate AI in daily lives to make living safer, simpler and smarter.

C-AI has joined hands with Bluei as its hardware partner. Bluei is involved in sourcing and assembling innovative electronics hardware. C-AI, with Bluei, has developed the enterprise series (e-series) AI based Camera, integrated with sensors and GPS systems with AI capabilities to auto-monitor, analyze and act on any pre-defined critical situation in the real-time.