Operating Framework

“L- Angels”

India’s 1st exclusive network of IIM Alumni Angels

L- Angels is an exclusive network of IIM Alumni, which will be the first of its kind in the nation. IIM alumni have moved on to take different roles in world’s most recognized organisations and have achieved unparalleled success. Many have initiated their own successful ventures across different fields.  IIM Lucknow not only takes pride in the immense success of its Alumni base but also takes inspiration from their enthusiasm and pragmatism. However, despite having such brilliant alumni base, there is a serious network gap. Hence, L- Incubator is taking this as an opportunity to create and mobilise the L- Angels network of professionals, who are interested in co-investing in the L-Incubator portfolio Startups and become friends, philosophers, and guides to our incubatees. In other words, L- Angels will play a crucial role in mobilising human and financial capital for our incubated start-ups and directing them towards commercial success.

We are continuously empanelling Individual/ Institutional Investors to support our portfolio start-ups. You may express your interest of joining our premier league of Investors: L- Angels, by applying online through our website.

Continue reading to understand Investor Empanelment and Investment process at L- Incubator.

operating framework