Companies today are operating in complexity. With the rapid technological changes, more and more companies are facing the innovation challenges due to unpredictable and dyanimic business environment.

In the past, innumerable models of corporate innovations, R&D, Joint Ventures, Intrapreneurship, change management initiatives have helped large companies stay ahead of competition. However, innovative & disruptive ideas are increasingly introduced by visionary entrepreneurs. Start-ups are the new age agents that carry agility, new technology, new business model and speed with which it has the potential to create disruptions.

To compete in a challenging business environment, large companies are increasingly turning to the corporate venturing model. The corporate venturing model works on following objectives

1. To support innovation and Entrepreneurship outside the corporate
2. To integrate the potential solutions aligning to their business objectives
3. To fund disruptive innovations to keep themselves ahead of the curve
4. Integrating corporate open innovation with corporate venture capital
5. To contribute towards innovation and entrepreneuship under corporate venture capital

IIML EIC runs CVC program for PSU and private corporate partners and help then end to end as the following process