Message from Faculty In Charge

Faculty In Charge

Message from Faculty In Charge

Prof. Anadi Saran Pande

Faculty In Charge & Director, IIML EIC Professor of Strategic Management, IIM Lucknow


"Our vision is to be trustees of innovation and entrepreneurship in service of humanity. Our mission is to be the best (incubator of choice) in India by 2035. We shall achieve our strategic intent by tenaciously adhering to the values comprising Trusteeship, Transparency & Effectiveness.

We realize that many brilliant ideas fail to mature owing to institutional failures such as non-availability of risk capital and venture capitalists, absence of mentoring on how to bring the product to market, failure to create successful marketing strategies, and failure to integrate professional mode. Add to it the need for regulatory compliances and filings and we have a picture of just a few challenges faced by upstart entrepreneurs.

It shall remain our perpetual endeavour to mitigate these voids and facilitate the creation of an ecosystem to nurture, facilitate, and grow the startups. We shall continue to work tirelessly and without conflicts of interest, upholding our cherished values. Our goals will remain alive till we ensure that our existing and potential incubatees achieve their two dominant objectives, one to create jobs and the second to create wealth."